Are Nursing Homes Eligible for Employee Retention Credit (ERC)?

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Unlocking Eligibility: Employee Retention Credit for Nursing Homes Staff

Key Takeaways

  • Nursing homes may qualify for the Employee Retention Credit (ERC), a significant pandemic relief benefit.

  • Eligibility for ERC is not solely based on revenue decline; partial suspension of operations can also qualify.

  • Understanding and debunking common misconceptions can unlock potential financial benefits for nursing homes.

  • There are clear, actionable steps nursing homes can take to maximize their ERC benefits.

  • Engaging with specialists like ERTC Express can simplify the process and ensure maximum refunds.

Are Nursing Homes Eligible for ERC Refund?

When it comes to navigating the complex waters of tax incentives and business sustainability, it’s crucial to know where the life rafts are. For nursing homes, the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) represents just that—a potential financial lifeline amid the stormy seas of the pandemic. So, let’s dive right in: Are nursing homes eligible for the ERC refund? The answer is a resounding yes, but with some caveats.

The ERC was introduced as part of the CARES Act to encourage employers to keep staff on the payroll during the COVID-19 crisis. It’s a refundable tax credit, but not just any business can claim it. You need to meet specific criteria. Most importantly, you have to have experienced either a full or partial suspension of operations due to government orders related to COVID-19 or a significant decline in gross receipts. But here’s where it gets interesting for nursing homes—they often meet the first criterion due to the nature of health and safety restrictions imposed during the pandemic.

Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. A partial suspension of operations can be something like having to reduce the number of residents in your facility or modify your services to comply with health regulations. Even if you didn’t see a dip in your gross receipts, you might still qualify. And that’s a game-changer for many nursing homes that initially thought they were left out of the loop.

Several government mandates that impacted nursing homes encompass:

  • Strict cleaning and disinfecting procedures;
  • Social distancing measures and limitations on occupancy;
  • Stay-at-home orders affecting staff and visitor access;
  • Cancellation of non-critical resident services;
  • Breakdowns in the supply chain for essential medical and care supplies.
Common Misconceptions about ERC Refund for Nursing Homes

There’s a lot of noise out there about the ERC, and it’s easy to get the wrong end of the stick. Let’s clear the air on a few common misconceptions that might be holding nursing homes back from claiming what they’re entitled to.

  1. Only businesses with a significant revenue drop are eligible: This is not the whole truth. While a drop in revenue is one way to qualify, nursing homes can also be eligible if their operations were partially suspended due to government mandates, regardless of their revenue.

  2. The credit is too complicated to be worth it: Yes, tax credits can be complex, but the potential financial benefit here is substantial. It’s about weighing the effort against the potential return, and the ERC can be a hefty return indeed.

  3. If you’ve already received PPP loans, you can’t get the ERC: Initially, this was true. However, the rules changed, and now you can benefit from both PPP loans and the ERC, though not on the same wages.

Understanding these points is crucial because it could mean the difference between securing your facility’s financial health and leaving money on the table. Therefore, it’s important to get the facts straight and consider all avenues for relief.

And remember, the goal here is not just to stay afloat but to ensure the sustainability of your nursing home. After all, these are more than businesses; they’re essential pillars of our communities, caring for some of our most vulnerable populations.

But how exactly can nursing homes navigate the process of claiming the ERC? That’s where specialists like ERTC Express come into the picture. We provide the expertise to help nursing homes identify their eligibility, calculate the credit amount, and handle the necessary paperwork. Let’s break down how we can turn this complex task into a manageable process.

How ERTC Express Helps Nursing Homes Maximize ERC Benefits

ERTC Express specializes in dissecting the intricacies of the ERC to ensure nursing homes don’t miss out on this crucial support. We start by evaluating your situation to determine eligibility, taking into account factors like government orders affecting operations and the impact on your services. With our deep understanding of the legislation, wecan spot opportunities that you might have missed.

Once eligibility is confirmed, we’ll help you calculate the maximum credit you can claim. This involves a detailed analysis of payroll records and health insurance costs to ensure every qualifying dollar is accounted for. Because the ERC can be claimed against both 2020 and 2021 wages, there’s potential for a significant refund, which could bolster your nursing home’s finances during these challenging times.

Finally, ERTC Express handles the paperwork and liaises with the IRS on your behalf. This means you can focus on what you do best—running your nursing home and caring for your residents—while we take care of securing your ERC refund.

Step-By-Step Guide: How ERTC Express Helps Nursing Homes Maximize ERC Benefits

ERTC Express Step-By-Step Guide
ERTC Express Step-By-Step Guide


Our team of Account Executives specializes in assisting nursing homes with their ERC application process. They ensure you have all necessary documentation ready for submission and are always available to provide additional support or answer any questions. Their expertise is crucial in navigating the complexities of eligibility for nursing homes, making sure you’re well-prepared and informed every step of the way.


Upon confirming your nursing home’s eligibility, our dedicated team of CPAs and Customer Success Agents takes charge of processing your claim with precision. We employ our “Power of 3” system to safeguard your filing against audits and ensure its defensibility. This rigorous approach includes three separate CPA teams reviewing and agreeing on the final credit amount for your nursing home before we proceed with the submission, maximizing the accuracy and reliability of your claim.


For nursing homes, our billing is contingent upon the successful receipt of your ERC funds. This ensures our goals are fully aligned with yours, establishing a risk-free partnership. We’re committed to seeing your nursing home through to the successful acquisition of funds, and our service fees are only applied after you have secured your ERC refund, reinforcing our commitment to your financial success and satisfaction.

By following these steps, ERTC Express helps to streamline the process, making it less daunting for nursing homes to claim the ERC. This kind of support is invaluable, especially when dealing with the stress and uncertainty that has come with the pandemic.

Nursing Homes
Maximize Your Nursing Homes’ ERC Refund with ERTC Express

Get Maximum Nursing Homes ERC Refund with ERTC Express

So, what’s the bottom line? Nursing homes have been through the wringer during the pandemic, and the ERC represents a beacon of financial support. With the help of ERTC Express, you can cut through the complexity and secure what you’re rightfully due. We’re the experts who can help you navigate the murky waters of tax credits, ensuring that you don’t miss out on a single cent of the ERC.

  • IRS Compliance: Our dedication to ensuring nursing homes meet all IRS regulations and requirements is unwavering, guaranteeing the highest level of compliance for these critical care facilities.
  • Trusted By The AICPA: Being recognized by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) is a reflection of our commitment to excellence and professional standards, particularly in our services tailored for nursing homes, affirming our dedication to quality and integrity.
  • U.S.-Based CPAs: Our U.S.-based CPAs, with their specialized expertise in the complexities of Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) filings for nursing homes, are uniquely qualified to provide superior assistance and navigate the nuances of ERTC claims for these establishments.
  • Power of Three – Audit Defense: Our “Power of Three” audit defense strategy, involving the unanimous verification of the final credit amount by three separate CPA teams, is especially crucial for nursing homes, enhancing the defensibility of their claims and fortifying their audit defenses.
  • Refund Maximization: We are committed to ensuring nursing homes receive the full refund they deserve, with our ERTC specialists focusing on the most effective strategies for maximizing their ERTC refund. Our approach has consistently outperformed software estimates by 40-120%, emphasizing the value of real CPA expertise over software calculations, especially in the context of nursing homes.

Investing time into understanding and claiming the ERC with ERTC Express could mean the difference between merely surviving and truly thriving in the post-pandemic world. So, take action, reach out to the experts, and let’s make sure your nursing home is positioned for resilience and sustainability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can nursing homes still claim the ERC for past quarters?

Absolutely, nursing homes can—and should—retroactively claim the ERC for eligible quarters in 2020 and 2021. If you haven’t done so yet, now’s the time to explore this opportunity.

What if a nursing home has already filed payroll taxes?

No worries there. If you’ve already filed your payroll taxes, you can amend those filings to claim the ERC. It’s an extra step, but one that can lead to substantial financial relief.

How does the ERC interact with other relief programs like PPP?

The ERC and PPP are separate programs, and while you can’t claim ERC on wages paid with forgiven PPP loan proceeds, they can be used in tandem. This requires careful planning to ensure that you’re maximizing the benefits from both programs.

What documentation is needed to claim the ERC?

Gathering the right documentation is key. You’ll need detailed payroll records, health insurance cost records, and records of how government orders have impacted your operations. ERTC Express can help you understand exactly what’s needed for your specific situation.

How long does it take to receive the ERC refund?

Timing can vary based on several factors, including the IRS’s processing times. However, with ERTC Express handling the process, you can rest assured that your claim will be filed efficiently and accurately, setting you up for the quickest possible turnaround.

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