as the nation’s LEADING ertc PROVIDER, driven by our commitment to aiding small businesses with a strong focus on IRS compliance, we’re on a missIon:

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The Employee Retention Credit (ERC), also referred to as the Employee retention tax credit (ERTC)

Was introduced through the CARES Act and the ARPA. This credit is offering up to $26,000 in tax credits per eligible employee for businesses and tax-exempt organizations that had W-2 employees and were affected during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

ERTC stands for Employee Retention Tax Credit, but to us, ERTC signifies something greater:

Entrepreneurs Run The CountryTM

At, we assist business owners like yourself navigate the ERTC filing process, ensuring that you secure the maximum refund possible. Simultaneously, we ensure that your filings are meticulously prepared to withstand any potential audits.

96% of families' income are derived from small businesses.

As a small business owner, you represent the future of our nation, and at we are committed to doing everything in our power to support your journey. 

Regardless of:

your state,

your industry,

The Number of employees, whether 1 to 500+,

we’re going to get you the maximum ERTC refund you are eligible for before it’s too late

After securing funding, our dedication to your success remains steadfast. We are committed to empowering small businesses by providing the assistance you need to 


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to maximize your refund while minimizing your risk

IRS Compliance

We dedicate our efforts to meeting all IRS regulations and requirements to guarantee the highest level of compliance for our clients.

Trusted By CPAs

We are proud to be trusted by the largest CPA organizations, a testament to our commitment to excellence and professional standards. This recognition underscores our dedication to upholding the highest levels of quality and integrity in our services.

U.S.-Based CPAs

Our team consists of U.S.-based CPAs with specialized expertise in handling intricate Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) filings. We are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of ERTC claims and provide top-tier assistance to our clients.

Power of Three - Audit Defense

This involves three separate CPA teams unanimously verifying the final credit amount prior to submitting your claim, fortifying your audit defenses.

Refund Maximization

We ensure that you receive the full refund you deserve. Our team of ERTC specialists is dedicated to uncovering the most effective strategies for optimizing your ERTC refund. On average, our refunds have exceeded those obtained through large payroll and software companies, where calculations are based on software estimations rather than the expertise of real CPAs, by 40-120%.

ENTREPRENEURS HVAC Contractors Engineering 
Manufacturers Healthcare Providers Restaurateurs Brewers Contractors Architects Educators Attorneys Bakers Dentists Retailers Hoteliers IT Professionals


We've Helped 20,000+ Businesses & Counting

Over 75% of those we successfully helped had no idea they would qualify to receive the ERC.

Our transportation company qualified for over $500k in total ERTC credits. went the extra mile for us – patiently answering our questions.   I really appreciate our account manager who guided us through each step of the process.

Our restaurant had a phenomenal experience working with the team at

In less than 3 weeks, we discovered we were eligible for over $400k in tax credits! I still can’t believe this is real!

I am so appreciative of the support provided by the team at and the excellent communication throughout the process.

I had previously heard about the Employee Retention Tax Credit but was skeptical of what seemed too good to be true. I was referred by a church member who assured me of their reputability. It took less than a month to find out that our church was eligible for a mid-six figure tax credit!

In just over 6 weeks, we learned that we qualified for $773k in total rebates!

I admit we had no idea about the Employee Retention Tax Credit before speaking to Traci at In just over 6 weeks, we learned that we qualified for $773k in total rebates!

Our Process

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Our team of Account Executives will walk you through the application process, ensuring we have all the necessary documentation for submission. They will also be on hand to help with any extra information or questions you may have at any point during the application process.



Our team of CPAs and Customer Success Agents immediately begins processing your filing. To reduce the risk of an audit and guarantee the defensibility of your claim, we implement our Power of 3 system. This involves three separate CPA teams concurring on the final credit amount before submitting your claim.


receive your funds

You will only be billed once you have received your funds. Our success is directly tied to yours, ensuring complete alignment between us. 


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