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We are, a company that specializes in helping self-employed & 1099 individuals claim up to $32,200 in COVID related tax refunds from the IRS.

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The SETC stands for Self-Employed Tax Credit, which is part of the same COVID relief efforts that brought stimulus checks and employee tax credits. But this one’s specifically for the self-employed, freelancers, gig workers and 1099 contractors. (read more about the SETC refund here)

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Let’s do our best to answer your most frequently asked questions.

You may still fully claim this credit until April 18th 2025 and both spouses are able to
claim this credit so $64,400. The first period is 1/1/21-3/31/21 and the second
period is 4/1/21 – 9/30/21

Self-employed individuals or independent contractors can qualify for the Sick and Family Leave tax credit catered specifically for them. Established by the FFCRA, it allows these eligible individuals to claim a refundable tax credit — as high as 100% — on their income tax for the equating amounts of qualified sick and family leave. They’re eligible if a work or telework hiatus happened due to reasons associated with COVID-19, although there are certain restrictions.

For the qualified sick leave, the amount for the credit was the lesser of two values: $511 per day or the average daily self-employment income. The qualifying reasons for an inability to work or telework included: undergoing a quarantine or isolation directive, presenting COVID-19 symptoms that led to seeking medical attention, or providing care for a person with a quarantine order or having symptomatic COVID-19.

The defined family leave had a slightly different range, providing the less between $200 per day or two-thirds of the average daily self-employment income. To qualify, the contractor or self-employed individual had to provide care for a child. The school or care setting of that child needed to have been shut down as a consequence of COVID-19.

To receive this tax credit, two conditions must be met. Firstly, the taxpayer must be an eligible contractor or self-employed individual. Secondly, these parties must disclose the value of the qualified sick and family leave on their tax returns from 2019, 2020, or 2021. The year is contingent on when the leave was employed in their calendar. The tax allowance continues supporting those affected by the pandemic, providing some financial respite during challenging times.

IRS will apply interest to the SETC refund check like how they apply interest when
you owe. This compounds and the rate is set quarterly by the IRS. This program
retroactively applies interest back to the original 2021 filing.

Your SETC refund is not taxable, it is treated as an overpayment refund. The interest
applied by the IRS would be considered income.

Yes this program is completely separate and is based on the 1099 income that an individual made during the 2020 and 2021 period.

If you select the Advance option then you could recieve you refund as soon as 15 days. Otherwise if could take up to 21 weeks

Our SETC processing is done compliantly which means we complete this by hand
including wet signatures from clients. Our partnership with Carter Federal Credit Union allows us to not only support the processing end to end but also will have your refund check deposited electronically into your bank account of choosing. We provide this service at no expense to the client.

We have stood up a first of its kind advance that instead of an unsecured consumer
loan the advance is collateralized against the SETC tax refund check. This is another reason why the Treasury services are so valuable for our clients. If they do not owe the IRS which we will check as part of the advance application, then a claimant can get 100% of their SETC refund amount advanced (less Anchor’s fees). This process can be completed in as little as 20 business days if the clients complete the necessary paperwork and the IRS processes things timely.

Our services, to get your estimate, to apply to be pre-qualified with a CPA, are free.

Once you are qualified, you will get to choose between paying up front or after you get your credit. Our CPA firm charges 16% of your credit + a processing fee and gives the option to pay one or both later for a small fee.

Then you will not be eligible for the advance and automatically moved into the
standard Treasury services program.

There are no up-front payments or reductions from your advance payment outside of paying Anchor’s fees. There are no monthly repayments, CFCU and its partners.

will wait for the IRS to finish processing your check. They will then repay the advance from the check that comes into treasury and subtract the loan expenses from the IRS interest added to the refund check. There is an 18% APR rate calculated daily on the advance. The client, net of fees, will still receive anywhere from 20-60% of the interest from the IRS in addition to the advance that they had received months ago.

16-20 weeks is the stated time but they are currently taking significantly longer than 20 weeks.

We are actively tracking your refund check from the moment UPS scans your packet
and sends it to the IRS. Check your SETC Dashboard on the home screen of your Gig Worker Solutions account for updates. Any correspondence received via treasury services on your behalf will be available in your document center of your GWS account.