Are Plumbing Companies Eligible for Employee Retention Credit (ERC)?

Plumbing Companies
Unlocking Eligibility: Employee Retention Credit for Plumbing Companies’ Staff

Key Takeaways

  • Plumbing companies impacted by the pandemic may be eligible for the Employee Retention Credit (ERC).

  • Misconceptions such as being essential workers can cause plumbing businesses to overlook ERC benefits.

  • Understanding eligibility criteria is crucial for claiming the ERC.

  • Professional assistance can help plumbing companies maximize their ERC refund.

  • Keeping detailed financial records is essential for the ERC claim process.

Are Plumbing Companies Eligible for ERC Refund

Let’s cut to the chase—plumbing companies have faced their share of challenges during the pandemic. The good news is that the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) is here to provide financial support. But, are plumbing companies actually eligible? Absolutely! If your plumbing business experienced a drop in revenue or was subject to government-ordered shutdowns, the ERC could be your financial lifeline.

Here’s the deal: eligibility hinges on specific criteria such as experiencing a significant decline in gross receipts or full or partial suspension of business operations due to government orders. If either of these rings true for your plumbing company, then it’s time to explore the ERC further.

Adapting to these shifts, plumbing companies have proficiently navigated a range of government mandates that affect their daily operations, including:

  • Implementing enhanced cleaning or sanitizing protocols for tools and workspaces;

  • Following social distancing measures and adjusting on-site workforce capacity;

  • Complying with government-imposed stay-at-home directives, affecting service calls;

  • Dealing with challenges due to supply chain interruptions for parts and equipment.

With these measures, plumbing companies can access vital financial support through the Employee Retention Credit (ERC), helping to alleviate the economic strain caused by the pandemic and ensuring the continuity of their essential services.

Common Misconceptions about ERC Refund for Plumbing Companies

Many plumbing business owners mistakenly believe that being classified as ‘essential’ disqualifies them from ERC benefits. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

  1. Essential Status Does Not Disqualify for ERC: There’s a prevalent myth among plumbing business owners that being classified as an ‘essential’ service during the pandemic disqualifies them from Employee Retention Credit (ERC) eligibility. This is not true. Despite being essential, if your business faced disruptions in supply chains or a decline in demand, you remain eligible for the ERC.

  2. PPP Loan Recipients Can Still Claim ERC: Another common misunderstanding is the belief that receiving a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan blocks you from accessing the ERC. This is incorrect. Plumbing businesses that received PPP loans are indeed eligible for the ERC, with the stipulation that the ERC cannot be claimed on the same payroll expenses forgiven under the PPP. Understanding how to leverage both financial aids can significantly enhance your benefits.

How ERTC Express Help Plumbing Companies Maximize ERC Benefits

So you’re interested in the ERC, but the process seems daunting? That’s where services like ERTC Express come in. They specialize in guiding companies through the maze of ERC claims, ensuring that you don’t leave money on the table.

ERTC Express employs tax professionals who will comb through your records, apply the latest IRS guidance, and determine the maximum credit your plumbing company can claim. It’s like having a financial detective on your side, uncovering every dollar you’re entitled to.

Step-by-step Guide: How ERTC Express Optimizes Your Refund

Here is a step-by-step guide to see how ERTC Express optimizes your refund. Discover the precise ways they streamline the process, ensuring you get the maximum benefit from the Employee Retention Credit.

ERTC Express Step-By-Step Guide
ERTC Express Step-By-Step Guide


First things first, you need to figure out if you’re eligible. This involves a deep dive into your business operations during the pandemic. Did you experience a significant decline in gross receipts? Was your business fully or partially suspended by government orders? These are the types of questions ERTC Express will help you answer.


Once eligibility is confirmed, the processing begins. This step involves gathering all necessary documentation, crunching numbers, and completing the complex paperwork. ERTC Express takes the lead, ensuring accuracy and compliance with IRS requirements.


Finally, it’s time to receive your funds. After the claim is submitted, the IRS will process it, and if everything checks out, you’ll get your ERC refund. With ERTC Express, you’ll be kept in the loop throughout the process, so you’ll know when to expect your funds.

Plumbing Companies
Maximize Your Plumbing Companies’ ERC Refund with ERTC Express

Get Maximum Plumbing Companies ERC Refund with ERTC Express

Similar to  car dealerships, plumbing companies can also benefit from the ERC. ERTC Express has a tailored approach to help these organizations navigate through the complexities of claiming their ERC refund. With their expertise, plumbing companies can ensure they’re not missing out on any eligible credits.

  • IRS Compliance: ERTC Express stays up-to-date with the latest IRS guidelines to ensure your claim is compliant.

  • Trusted by the AICPA: Their reputation is recognized by the American Institute of CPAs, which speaks volumes about their credibility.

  • U.S.-Based CPAs: The team consists of certified public accountants based in the United States who are familiar with federal and state tax laws.

  • Power of Three – Audit Defense: They provide a three-pronged defense strategy to protect you in the unlikely event of an IRS audit.

  • Refund Maximization: ERTC Express’s goal is to maximize your refund, identifying every qualifying wage to increase your credit.

The ERC is a valuable opportunity for plumbing companies that have weathered the storm of the pandemic. By understanding your eligibility, debunking misconceptions, and working with professionals like ERTC Express, you can secure the financial support your business needs. Keep meticulous records, stay informed, and don’t hesitate to seek expert help. The benefits are clear, and the funds you receive could be the catalyst for your business’s recovery and growth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the ERC, and Can Plumbing Companies Apply?

The Employee Retention Credit is a refundable tax credit designed for businesses that kept employees on the payroll during the COVID-19 pandemic. Plumbing companies, like many others, can apply for the ERC if they meet certain conditions such as experiencing a significant decline in gross receipts or being subject to government-ordered full or partial suspensions.

How Do I Know if My Plumbing Business Qualifies?

Determining qualification for the ERC involves looking at your financials. If your plumbing company’s gross receipts in a quarter of 2020 or 2021 are less than 50% of what they were in the same quarter in 2019, you qualify. Additionally, if government orders affected your business operations, you might be eligible. ERTC Express can help you make this determination with certainty.

It’s also essential to understand that eligibility periods and criteria may vary, and the rules can get intricate. That’s why leaning on experts who are well-versed in these regulations is a wise move.

What Are the Financial Benefits of ERC for Plumbing Companies?

The ERC can provide a substantial financial boost for your plumbing business. For 2020, the credit can be up to 50% of qualified wages paid, up to $10,000 per employee for the year. For 2021, it’s even better—the credit can be up to 70% of qualified wages paid, up to $10,000 per employee per quarter.

This means your business could potentially receive a significant sum, which can be reinvested into your operations, help you retain your workforce, or stabilize your financial position during these challenging times. For more detailed information, you can review the Employee Retention Credit guidelines on the IRS website.

How Does Being Considered an “Essential Business” Affect ERC Eligibility?

Being an essential business during the pandemic has its own set of challenges, and fortunately, it doesn’t disqualify you from the ERC. The IRS recognizes that even essential businesses have faced disruptions and economic hardships. Whether it’s a reduced customer base due to health concerns or interrupted supply chains causing operational delays, the impacts are real and recognized.

Therefore, don’t count yourself out just because you were open when others were not. If your business was affected, the ERC is there to help mitigate those effects. It’s about the impact on your operations and finances, not just whether your doors were open or closed.

What Information Do I Need to Provide to ERTC Express?

When you’re ready to claim your ERC, having the right information on hand is crucial. ERTC Express will ask for detailed payroll records, proof of gross receipts for the relevant quarters, and any documentation relating to government orders that affected your business operations. They’ll need to see the full picture of how your business was impacted financially during the pandemic.

But it’s not just about gathering documents. You’ll need to share the narrative of your business’s experience during the pandemic—how you adapted, what challenges you faced, and how you continued to support your workforce. This context is vital for ERTC Express to advocate effectively on your behalf and ensure you receive every dollar you deserve.

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